Mixed Media and Landscape Drawings

This body of work examines the landscape, but from a slightly different point of view.   My interest in the landscape has not changed; the views used as reference imagery are primarily the result of photographs I've taken as a passenger, either by boat or car. Some of the larger works include the latitude or longitude associated with the location where the photo was taken. I still maintain my love of the environment and enjoy the sense of familiarity my images seem to have on most viewers.

In terms of materials, the theme of recycling is present but there is  an emphasis on mark making and drawing, moreso as a means to an end. My husband is a residential builder and renovator and recently came upon a surplus of lath. Given my interest in both texture and recycling, it replaced the canvases previously used and became the support for my work. I have been experimenting with drywall mud, plaster, netting, clear gesso and acrylics to create a smooth base to draw upon. The graphite is tricky to fix as the materials are still somewhat porous-- I continue experimenting with ways to preserve them. Layers of Spectrafix are keeping my drawings safe, but they are still somewhat fragile artworks.

I have recently begun to incorporate old wallpaper pages to add variety to the landscapes and mimic the worn feeling associated with old houses facing demolition. The wallpaper often contains botanical imagery that in most cases contradicts the local landscapes drawn.