Artist's Statement

In my older work one can see that I have an affinity towards pattern and texture and am interested in the mark-making connected to it.  I was exploring quilting patterns, using found materials and a variety of papers to create the textured backgrounds of my paintings upon which I created landscapes based on photos I have taken. The quilting approach signified my interest in "women's work" as well as  makes reference to my rural childhood where every room had a quilt and the notion of reusing materials: wasting not, wanting not--was prevalent. 

Although I am not painting the drawings of these landscapes are  somewhat devoid of human interaction and reflect on themes within nature; dormancy, regrowth and conservation. There are more varied tree lines and include some man-made aspects such as telephone poles, fence-lines and roads to reflect how society is infringing upon the environment.

I like pairing  the subject matter of nature  with that of the wooden textures found in the lath. The history of the lath, once functioning as walls--as shelter--parallels the protective function of the quilts. The immediacy of drawing on plaster/drywall mud with graphite has led to more experiments with acrylic media aiming to create a less porous, less delicate surface.