My work continues to repurpose found lath from local renovations in the Guelph area. Using materials associated with construction, I recreate a support that corresponds to the material's original purpose (walls) and I then proceed to draw my landscapes on the plaster surface.


Some works contain portions of discontinued wallpaper which help to remind the viewer that these materials were at one time the wall. It is somewhat labour intensive to locate and rebuild the support with the lath, however the act allows me to make a connection  to the environment as I prevent the material from heading to landfill.  My work captures the local environment as the landscapes are based on photos I have taken in southwestern Ontario and the numbers  that are occasionally below my drawings refer to their GPS locations.


My work in pencil  demonstrates a return to drawing, ultimately as a means to an end. View these images

                                   kilometer 76 marker, 20 inche diameter           lath